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Here at Studio M, we believe in cultivating not only strong dancers, but overall, well-rounded human beings.  We strive to educate and empower our students on important life skills through the discipline and artistry of dance.  Our teachers are qualified dance instructors, positive role models & respectable citizens of our beloved Missoula community.  Dance is our passion!  We greatly appreciate the opportunity to guide and foster future generations through the path of dance.


"I would recommend Studio M to anyone looking for a positive and rewarding dance experience for their child. Meagen and her staff are friendly and caring while striving to help their dancers reach their highest potential. The encouraging and constructive teaching methods from the instructors at Studio M have effectively produced many outstanding dancers. I love the positive influence these instructors have on my daughter. Their cheerful and inspiring nature shows in everything they do. "

Amber Partney

Studio M is an exciting addition to Missoula’s dance studio scene. Meagen is not only a fantastic teacher and dancer, but she is an amazing role model for her students. I appreciate the expectations she sets for her students and the leadership roles she provides to give them many opportunities to grow and soar as dancers, leaders, and all-around good people. She pours her heart into Studio M and her students and is incredibly organized, detailed and energetic. She and Tavja make a creative team that adds so many fun touches to the studio. I can say from experience that every dance teacher at Studio M is passionate about dance and about kids, and is the amazing kind of positive influence and role model that I wish for my daughters to have.

- Hallie Lopuch (Parent)

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2625 Briggs Street, Missoula, MT
(406) 546-7567