Studio M

Season 1 Welcome

Hi Studio M First Families!!  

This is our first official studio-wide communication!  I’m so incredibly excited!!  

  • CLASSES START – Our first week of classes will be next week September 3rd-6th.  Please plan to arrive a little early to familiarize yourself with the new location.  Many of the classes are full to capacity which is super exciting!  We have Teacher Assistants in most classes so that we can successfully teach multiple levels at once.  If you have any concerns or questions, please let me know. 
  • PARKING & LOGISTICS – The approved parking areas are as follows: street parking, the ROAM parking garage, the library (when it’s complete) & the theatre parking lot if there is space.  Please make sure you use the MAIN ST. ENTRANCE.  We are not allowed in all areas of the building.  You will need to walk your student up to the 3rd floor as we won’t have a Studio M representative down in the atrium. 
  • DANCE STUDIO ETIQUETTE – Please be sure that we respect the beautiful studio space that we are fortunate to use.  Pick up your belongings & trash.  Help us to make sure that no kids are running in the halls or going into rooms that aren’t dedicated to our studio.  Please make sure that the noise level in the hall stays at a talking level – no screaming.  Thanks so much!!!
  • DANCE ATTIRE – Please make sure that your student is in dress code at all times!  We will be flexible on the first week as everyone settles in but after that, the rules must be followed.  We will have leotards that can be rented in the case that someone forgets.  $5 every time they are used.  If your student doesn’t have proper attire on a consistent basis, they unfortunately will not be able to participate in class.  Dance shoes are REQUIRED.  We have a limited number of shoes to borrow but the same rules apply.  Please make sure their hair is pulled back for most classes & in a bun for ballet. If you ordered dance-wear or shoes at the open house, it will be available for you next week…see Tavja before class.  I have attached the Dress Code for your convenience. 
  • SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS – There will be times that your normal teacher will have a substitute.  We work really hard to get the best teachers in the area to substitute for us.  We want to always give you the best that we have to offer!  My classes – Miss Meagen – will have a substitute around once a month.  I have Teacher Assistants in place that will always be there so the students have a consistent, familiar face. 🙂
  • TRIAL CLASSES – If you are enrolled for a trial class, you will not pay your registration fee until you decide to enroll full time.  If you were already charged the $30 fee (learning a new software program is hard), we will credit your account.  If you are scheduled for a trial in a class that becomes full, you will not be able to take that class.  
  • PERFORMANCE COMPANY – If your student interested in Performance Company, please let me know via email.  Company members must be at least 10yrs old & enrolled in a ballet class or a Combo that includes Ballet.  I will be sending out details to those interested in the next week & plan to have a meeting on Friday the 6th. 

Please let us know if you have any questions!  Have an amazing Labor Day Weekend!