Studio M


Hello Studio M, 

The health of our studio family, is our top priority.  With that in mind, we are carefully monitoring the Covid-19 situation.  We plan to follow Missoula County Public Schools lead and remain closed for the next two weeks.  If the schools remain closed longer than two weeks, we will re-assess the situation. We also need to consider the decisions of MCT.  If the building is completely shut down, we will need to re-evaluate. 

The plan is as follows…

This first week is Spring Break which was a previously planned week offf.  Starting next week, we will send YouTube links to recital choreography, warmups, exercises, combos & more.  Our hope is to get your class link to you by the day/time that your class would normally meet.  We will also offer our usual makeup lesson option: your student is welcome to take another class that is their level or below to makeup for their missed lesson.  

We will always error on the side of caution, however with recital right around the corner, we want to do our best to continue on as if everything will settle down soon.  If we don’t continue to learn recital choreography, we won’t be ready for the show by June.  We realize that the recital is the highlight of the dance season & we really want the students to be able to show you what they have learned. 

We will continue to keep you posted on all decisions made.  In the meantime, encourage your student to keep practicing their recital choreography & to follow our fun, interactive posts on social media.  I have attached a dance recital practice chart that they can use & we are more than happy to send their music to you as well.  😉

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!