Studio M

April Updates

Hello Studio M Family!

We hope that you have figured out a new (temporary) normal in your household & that you are able to get some outdoor time, too.


Dave and I have been working really hard to figure out the weird lag between video & audio feed. We have decided to scrap the original technology (go pro, video streaming device, etc) and opt for a MacBook pro with a good camera. This seemed to help in our trials this weekend so we are going for it with classes this week!

Also, a few classes have had issues with their audio going in and out. An awesome studio grandpa has helped us figure out this issue. It requires a few adjustments on your end. These are the steps that you need to do in order to adjust your audio settings…

Go to the settings page of your Zoom app. This is found in the upper right hand corner of the home page. The icon is a cog.
Find the audio tab & click it.
In the lower right corner of the audio page, you will see a tab labeled ‘Advanced’. Click it.
The next window will have an option at the top that says: Show in-meeting option to “Enable Original Sound” from microphone. Check that box.
When opening your meetings/classes, you will want to make sure that the setting is working. The button on the upper left of your meeting page should say ‘Turn off Original Sound’ and should be black not blue.
I have attached a YouTube link that explains this and I will jump into classes this week to help if needed.


Please continue to send us (and tag us) any pictures or videos of your student working hard from home. I want the kids to be celebrated for pushing through and being flexible!


Next week is LET THE SUNSHINE Spirit Week!! We would love to see students wear sunny colors for dance (yellow, orange, bright colors) class. They can also wear a hat and/or sunglasses! However they want to interpret the theme. Also, please send us a pic of a dance pose in the sun. Tag us if you decide to post it as well! 406.546.7567


We are still planning to have a recital!! I am determined to figure this out. We have two sets of dates secured at the Dennison Theater & I have reached out to MCT to secure an additional set of dates. I am hoping to give MCT as much of our business as possible since this pandemic has affected them drastically. Unfortunately, these types of decisions are out of our control. We are essentially in a holding pattern until further notice. That being said, recital tickets won’t go on sale May 1st as originally planned. Until we know dates & which theater, ticketing will be on hold. I promise to keep you in the loop & give you plenty of notice before tickets go on sale.


In the meantime, please continue to have your student practice their recital dances!! I am still working on editing all of the music and will hopefully have it all done this week. 😉

I have attached a fun dance activity below for our younger students. Please print it out & send us a video or pic of your student creating a dance! We would love to post it on our social media!! 406.546.7567

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! And THANK YOU so much for your continued support!!