Studio M

Season 2 Update – 8/5

Hello and happy Wednesday!

Just a short little check-in this week to keep you in the Season 2 loop…


I have finalized our protocol in the event that we have an infection in our ranks.  Please see the chart by clicking here.  We will be vigilant with symptom checking for both Staff & Students.  My number one priority is providing a safe & healthy environment so that our dancers (and their families) can thrive!! 


We had a fantastic turnout for auditions this Season!  I’m so excited to work with these kiddos!  Judges are currently assessing the video submissions and as soon as their assesment is complete, I will be announcing our Season 2 Company.  Be on the lookout for an announcement on Friday!


As we get closer to the beginning of the season, I will be doing some interactive posts.  Please play along!!  There may be prizes involved but more than that, it’s a FUN way to boost our Studio M SPIRIT!! 


We have one day of classes in August – Monday the 31st.  If your child is enrolled in a Monday class, you will see pro-rated tuition for that single day will be posted to your account on August 15th & pulled on August 20th.  This will catch us up in tuition pulls so that we can go back to our normal schedule of posting tuition around the 25th of the month & pulling on the 1st of the following month.  Let me know if you have any questions on this. 

I hope you are squeezing every last second of summer into your life!!  More to come next week…