Studio M

September Update

Hello Studio M!!

I hope this email finds you happily breathing the amazing, fresh MT air!!  Fingers crossed that the smoke stays away now.


After countless hours of effort & much stress & strife, our outdoor dance classes are officially over.  We have tried so hard to make it through the month but unfortunately, the weather has won the battle.  The rain storm of Saturday has warped the boards for the final time even through all of the tarps that Tavja neatly placed to protect them.  We are sad but so happy that we have an awesome indoor space as well as technology to continue to bring dance to you.


Our original plan was to have our UM Pride Spirit Week this week and allow students to bring a friend to dance.  With all things Covid, we can’t bring friends to dance & Homecoming has been canceled at the University.  We still think that UM Pride is super important in our awesome college town so NEXT WEEK please send your student to dance with their favorite UM gear!  We will have our new Spirit Wall decorated and we will have many photo ops for our social media.


Our official dress code will go into effect the week of October 5th.  Be sure you visit our website to confirm the exact dress code for your class including appropriate shoes & hair styles.  If you haven’t order your necessities, please do so this week so they arrive in time.  As always, let us know if you have any questions. 


We can’t use the water fountains during this time so please send your dancer with water.  Masks must be worn by students 5yrs and up.  Only Tots & Littles parents allowed in the building at this time. Hair pulled back for all classes.  If you miss a class & need the Zoom link, you must send us an email so that we can get it to you…they will not be automatically emailed to the class.

Thanks for being amazing & sticking with us through these times.  We are all becoming so flexible…and that’s a good thing in dance & life!


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