Studio M

February happenings


Studio M loves the month of LOVE!!  With all that we have been dealing with in the past year, the more love that can be spread…the better!!


The theme for our monthly Spirit Week is Spread the Love!  Students will be doing a short craft project where they will decorate hearts that will adorn our hallway walls through the end of the month.  Please have them come to dance in any of the following colors: Pink, Red, White or Purple (of course).  Our basic dress code rules apply: covered midriff & lower back, hair pulled back & appropriate shoes.  Additionally, our Spirit Wall will be decked out so we will take a bunch of photos.  


The Studio M Company is starting their spring fundraising campaign & would love your help!  We are doing singing telegrams for Valentines day.  The kids have a performance all ready and they will perform in the front yard or on the porch of someone you love. We will also film the dance and the messages of love if you would prefer a digital option.  Think those family members that live across the country.  I have attached the promotion below so check it out & order yours today!!


We will be passing out the costumes that we currently have the week of February 15th-19th.  Your child will try their costume on in class so that we can be sure they fit.  If we have any concerns, we will let you know so that we can rush another size as soon as possible.  You will need to sign off on their costumes before they are allowed to take them from the building.  Please plan to meet your child & their teacher in the lobby 5 min before end of class to sign the costume roster. 


We continue to welcome new students to the family and we couldn’t be more excited!  A couple of tidbits for the newest members:

  • Make sure your dancer is following dress code.  Basic rules: hair pulled back, proper shoes, belly & bottoms covered.  Be sure to check your class description for more details. 
  • Follow us on Instagram & Facebook.  We post a lot about what’s happening at our studio & it’s an easy way to keep up.  You will also get monthly emails like this! 
  • HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!  We like to have A LOT of fun here at Studio M!


Please park on the West side of the building when dropping off & picking up your dancer.  This helps with consistency for the kids and staff especially during the dark hours of the winter.  We will ALWAYS make sure the kids get safely to your vehicle so this will help us out.  Plus, we would prefer that the East entrance is used for staff only. 


  • Masks required for 5yrs and above. 
  • Only Tots & Littles parents allowed in the building. 
  • One parent/dancer.  NO siblings. 
  • If you are sick at all, please stay home and use our Zoom option. 



As always, please reach out with any questions. 🙂