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October Happenings

Happy Fall Studio M!!

Yay for FALL!!  In my opinion, it’s the best time of the year…the smell, the colors, the temperature & Halloween!  Below are all of the FUN fall happenings at Studio M.

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Our first workshop of the season is right around the corner – FALL MDAA!!  We will be traveling to Billings this time & the workshop dates are October 19th-22nd.  Due to the workshop beginning on Thursday evening, and because so many STUDIO M STARS will be attending this fall, we will be canceling a few normal classes.  You will receive an email if your class will be canceled. 

If you aren’t familiar with Montana Dance Arts Association, please visit the website.  These workshops are open for any dancers 9+ and we encourage all to attend.  If your dancer is 10+ and wants to travel with us, we have spaces in our hotel rooms & chaperone vehicles.  Please reach out for more information!!

Link: http://www.montanadancearts.org/


Believe it or not, we will be ordering Recital Costumes…SOON!!  Recital costume measuring week will be NEXT WEEK – October 9th-13th.  We give about two inches of room to account for growth and we will require that parents sign off on the size before we order.

Costumes are $70 for Tots, Littles & Combo classes.  Costumes are $85 for all other classes. The costume fee includes tights when applicable. 

We have a costume re-stocking fee of $20 for any costume that needs to be returned due to sizing issues.  There is a $20 late fee per costume for any payments made after October 16th. 

COSTUME PAYMENT DEADLINE – Monday, October 16th, 2023

Costumes are a huge endeavor (time, effort & money) but they are so worth it at the end of the year when they shine on stage at our show.  Please help us by making sure you sign off on all costumes sizes!!  This makes our process easier & helps us get our part of the equation completed faster. We have to order before the end of this month to ensure that we get the majority of our costumes before May.  I know that seems crazy but if you think about it – every studio across the country has their recital at the same.  Last year we barely got some costumes before photo week.  This is why we need to order early & why there is a $20 charge for late payments. Thanks so much for understanding!!


It’s almost time for the VERY anticipated RECITAL THEME REVEAL!!  We can’t wait to witness the excitement & begin theming the rest of the season to match our show!!  The reveal will begin next Thursday the 12th & will continue through Wednesday the 19th then the Company will put together the final bit of the puzzle!  We are STOKED with excitement about this theme and think you will love it too!  


Our Spirit Week for October will be October 23rd-October 27th!  Please have your dancer wear their Halloween costume to dance.  If they have a costume that isn’t movement friendly, feel free to have them wear Halloween colors or themed clothing.  Almost anything goes except: weapons, full face masks or anything that will inhibit their movement. If they come more than one time per week, they can wear multiple costumes.  I wear a different one each day!!  The teachers will fill the rooms with fun Halloween music and each dancer will get a treat as well! (no food or candy – just a little toy)


Our Performance Company originally performed at the mall on Halloween but when Covid hit, we created a our BOOING fundraiser.  As our Company has grown a bunch, we are making this event even more fun! Now we will be performing 4 times around town & we invite YOU to come watch the evening of October 28th!!  We are hoping to HAUNT a large group in each location & receive some HAIR RAISING donations in the process.  It’s the best of all the goulish worlds…a performance for the company kids, fundraising for the families & spooky entertainment for you!!  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please be on the lookout for a schedule of locations!!  We would love your support!

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We want our dancers to get to have EARLY, safe, fun – so we will be closed on Halloween this Season.  Have an amazing time & enjoy the night off from dance!!


If you aren’t already a member of our Studio M Dance Fam page, please request to join!!  This is used as a digital bulletin board for all things dance & Studio M related.  Sell old dance shoes, find new sizes, plan play dates or offer shuttles.  Anything that might be useful for both your time & money related to dance!! 


Please be aware of standard dance class etiquette: no street shoes in the dance studios, only water (not sparkling water or flavored water) in the dance studios, no gum or food in the dance studios, bathroom visits before class.  Please be sure that your dancer is not wearing jewelry to class as it could get caught on something and be a safety issue…especially dangly earrings.


Masks are optional for all students. 

Only Tots & Littles parents allowed to stay in the building during class. 

One parent/dancer.  Minimal siblings. 

We do not have a water fountain so make sure your dancer has their own water bottle. 

If your dancer is sick at all, please stay home and use our Zoom option.  Parents are welcome to watch class with this option. 

We will continue to use hand sanitizer upon entering & leaving the classroom, running air filters with cracked windows, cleaning between classes & fogging each night. We want to avoid alllll the germs!


We understand that automatic payments don’t always go through.  We will however be assessing a $30 NSF fee if account balances aren’t paid by the 5th business day of the month.  We will continue to communicate any issues from our end & appreciate you taking care of them as soon as possible. 


Please check out the below document for all important dates through the season.  If we update this at all, we will send another version.  You can also find this by visiting our website. 🙂

Attachment: Important Dates 23-24.pdf 


If your dancer would like to rent a locker for the season, let us know.  It will be $5/month if they keep a lock on it. 🙂 We have a limited number available so it will be first come, first served. They are going FAST!!! 


We are encouraging parents of Combo & Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 plus Medley & Merge to watch class via the Zoom link located on the dashboard of your parent portal.  This is an easy way to observe class since we are not allowing parents to stay in the building during class times.  Feel free to come in to pick up or drop off your child but remember that our space is limited.  The Zoom recordings will also serve as the best way to make up a class.  If you miss a class, you can email the studio for access to the recordings for up to two weeks after missed class. 



Our November Spirit Week will be themed TWINNING & you can bring your favorite person to class with you.  Bring a Friend week is fun for all & we love seeing family members or school friends experience the magic of Studio M along side their dancer. 


Studio M will be closed for Fall Break November 20th-24th. 


The parent portal link will be added to the bottom of every Happenings email for easy Zoom access.

We hope that you are soaking up as much outdoor fun as possible!

Happy Dancing!!