Studio M

August Happenings


Can you believe that Season 3 is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER???  We are over here wondering where summer went yet so excited for another season with you and your dancers!  This is the first official email of Season 3 & for all of the new families, you can look forward to a ‘Happenings’ email every month.  It’s our way of outlining anything fun (or important) coming up that month!  Here goes…


We will be having our 3rd annual Welcome Back Party (aka Open House) this month on Tuesday – August 31st from 5-7pm.  This is an opportunity for you to come to the studio, check out our spaces, order shoes/apparel/studio merch, find out who your teacher is & since the theme is SWEET SEASON 3, there will surely be treats!!  Please rock your Studio M gear if you are returning as you know the Spirit Wall will be decorated and calling your name for a selfie!!  If you can’t make the hours above, let us know so we can set up an appt for you BEFORE the season starts so we can avoid craziness during the first couple of weeks.


Please look at the document below – Class Descriptions – to find out the apparel & shoe requirements for the class you are enrolled in.  Note: Combo level will need Jazz & Tap shoes; Hip Hop will be required to have certain shoes as well.  All of this can be ordered at our WELCOME BACK PARTY!!

Attachment: Class Descriptions 21-22 – Season 3.pdf (116.9kB)


We will be busting out a studio renovation in the weeks between Summer Camps and Season 3…phew!!  A wall is scheduled to be removed & a 3rd studio created!!  Wowza…Studio M is GROOOOWWING!  We can’t be more excited to welcome new families & dancers to our STUDIO M FAMILY and hope you love our charming old building as much as we do.  While we are hoping that the renovation is complete before classes begin, we realize that there will be continuous adjustments.  Please have patience for our process as we work with local vendors & the delayed building industry.  


A bunch of our classes have waitlists and we are working REALLY hard to get all kiddos into classes.  RE: above paragraph about renovation.  I am hoping to have all additional classes sorted this week so that you no longer have to be in limbo.  Again, thanks so much for your patience with our growing pains…


We have finally finalized our Important Dates for this season as it has been a moving target.  (Thanks Covid and our new normal!)  I have attached it below but the most important date you need to know at the moment is that classes begin on September 7th!  That’s the day after Labor Day.  Also please be aware that September Tuition & any other account balances will be pulled on September 1st.  You will receive a reminder email about 5 days before so we can avoid any expired cards or processing issues.  Please check the doc out below for other dates to add to your calendar!

Attachment: Important Dates 21-22.pdf (86.8kB)


We will keep you in the loop as our plan develops.  At the moment, we are waiting on inquiries with the Missoula Health Department as well as shared information with other studios across the state.  Our biggest priority is the safety of your children and we are hoping to work with authorities to ensure an environment that is Covid free. 

What we do know…

  • Zoom will still be facilitated in every class so that if anyone is feeling under the weather (in any way) they can take class from home.  
  • There will be no makeup lessons scheduled.  If you miss a class, you can request the Zoom recording for up to 2 weeks after the missed class. 
  • Parents will not be allowed in the building with the exception of Tots & Littles parents.  If you would like to watch your child’s class, you can use the Zoom link. 
  • Classes will run 55min so that the teachers have time to clean the studio between classes.  We will also fog each night & thoroughly clean each day. 

We can’t wait to see your smiling faces & your lovely children!!  Please let me know if you have any questions.