Studio M

January Happenings!

Hello Studio M Family!!

I know we are a couple of weeks in but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  This year is going to be so much FUN and full of STUDIO M MAGIC!!

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We are welcoming a bunch of new students to the family and we couldn’t be more excited!  A couple of tidbits for the newest members:

Before you arrive, you will want to check the parent portal for the studio that your class will be in.  If you have any troubles, stop in the Star Shop or find an instructor & they will be happy to help you!

Make sure your dancer is following dress code.  Basic rules: hair pulled back, proper shoes, belly & bottoms covered.  Be sure to check your class description for more details. 

Since we have already ordered our annual recital costumes, we will need to get your child measured as soon as they start.  You will have a week to decide if you want to participate before we need to order your costume.  It seems super early but we are already getting shipping delays through May!!  Thanks so much for understanding the urgency!  

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook.  We post a lot about what’s happening at our studio & it’s an easy way to keep up.  You will also get monthly emails like this! 

HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!  We like to have A LOT of fun here at Studio M!


We come back to classes – THIS WEEK!!  We have missed you so much & can’t wait to see those adorable faces in this new year!  This semester will run through May with our recital week scheduled for June 12th-16th.  🙂  Please mark these days in your calendar & we will give you more specifics later in the spring. 

On the recital note, please remember to log into the Parent Portal and update your dancers t-shirt size.  


It’s a very rare occasion to be sure but both Tavja & I will be gone this week.  It just so happens that our other careers – I’m a corporate stage manager & producer, she is a retail buyer – are colliding on this one week.  That being said, we have an extremely responsible & capable staff that will be able to help you with anything you may need.  Our staff knows how to reach us if needed & we will both be back next week. Check in with Hallie in the Star Shop for any immediate needs or if you need something specific to one of us, please email as we will both be checking our inbox.


Please park on the West side of the building (the side with our logo on the wall) when dropping off & picking up your dancer.  This helps with consistency for the kids and staff especially during the dark hours of the winter.  We will ALWAYS make sure the kids get safely to your vehicle so this will help us out.  Plus, we would prefer that the East entrance is used for staff only. 


Our monthly Spirit Week is right around the corner!  MY BUDDY & ME Spirit Week is scheduled for January 16th-20th.  This is our first Bring A Friend Week and we are SO EXCITED!!  Because of limited studio space, we can only bring extra friends to classes that aren’t completely full.  Please check in the Star Shop to see if your class is eligible.  Also, since we are ALL buddies at Studio M plan to match your attire with your classmates – the color is your theme and the brighter the better!  Let’s see all the neon!!  Here is the color code to follow…

Monday – Wear YELLOW
Tuesday – Wear PURPLE!!!
Wednesday – Wear PINK
Thursday – Wear BLUE
Friday – Wear GREEN.


We have another Adult Workshop on the schedule in February!  Get your GROOVE ON with Miss Jaycee in her super fun Hip Hop class!!  February 7th, 14th, 21st, & 28th – 7:30pm.  The 4 week workshop is $60 and registration will open on January 31st!  

Costumes are arriving although we are still waiting for quite a few.  As soon as full classes of costumes have arrived, we will have a day to try them on and make sure everything fits.  This usually happens the second or third week of February.  Stay tuned…

The Performance Company will be having a telegram FUNdraiser for Valentines day called Love-O-Grams.  If you want to send a sweet personalized message of love to someone in your life, have our performance company sing to them!  More information soon…



We can’t wait to get back to dancing with you!!