Studio M

August Happenings

Hello again!! 

Welcome to your monthly dose of all things HAPPENING here at Studio M!  If you are new here, you can expect one of these emails towards the beginning of each month.  We suggest saving these in a folder so that you can reference it multiple times through the month and the season.   

Click the link below to listen to this entire email while you stay efficient and get other things done.  



We are rounding out our last set of Studio M Summer Camps!!  If you haven’t had the chance to participate in a Tot PopUp or a Mini/Junior camp, we have one of each left.  Details below…

  • Tot PopUp – ANIMAL FUN!!: Monday, August 14th – 5:15-6:30pm; $40/dancer
  • Mini Camp – ENCHANTED CASITA: August 14th-18th – 9am-12pm; $155/dancer
  • Junior Camp – POSH PINATA PARTY: August 14th-18th – 1-4pm; $155/dancer


Our annual Welcome Back Party will be held next week – August 15th; 5:30-7:30pm.  Come get sized for all of your apparel/shoe needs plus have some outdoor WATER fun with us as we DIVE INTO SEASON 5!!


We have had a huge turnout in our Ballet department & our Level 2 classes in general.  SO EXCITING!!  With that being said, we opened the following NEW classes: Ballet 1 – T4pm, Ballet 2 – W7pm & Hip Hop 2 – W6:45pm.  If you were interested in one of these classes and didn’t get the opportunity to register because they were full, please grab your spot while they are open!  


Your September tuition is already posted to your account which means you won’t get the automated posting email.  We will send a reminder email out around September 25th so that you are ready for your September 1st tuition pull.  If you want to pay your tuition at any time before that, feel free to log in to the Parent Portal.  The link is below.  

PARENT PORTAL: https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/jr3.0/ParentPortal/Login?orgId=538031


We have most of our important dates figured out for the season and we wanted to get them to you ASAP as there are a lot of changes from past seasons.  Most notably is Recital Week.  We don’t get to choose the week that we have recital as the theater rotates all local studios each year.  We are now the first recital week of ‘recital season’ – May 20th-24th.  We will try to get rehearsals in the space the weekend before but won’t know if that’s a possibility until we are closer to the time.  For now, please add this week to your calendars!!  Besides that, all of our breaks & spirit weeks have been decided as well as tuition pulls, recital costume fee & recital fee!!  Yay!!  Please print out the attachment below for your reference through the season!  

Important Dates 23-24.pdf

We hope you are enjoying what’s left of summer & we can’t wait to see you at the Welcome Back Party next week!!

Happy Dancing,